Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally Fucked

(Courtesy of another hot contest by Trollop with a Laptop, Alison Tyler)

Alison loves the word FUCK. So she challenged us, her readers, to a flash contest. The word FUCK must be used in the title, and it seemed like as many times as possible in the story.

Here was my contribution.

Thanks again Ali, for bringing out the FUCK in all of us.



It was instant – the desperate desire to tear his clothes off, to be fucked until I didn’t know my name.

Our kiss was hard, electric. His teeth grasped my bottom lip, his hand going to my braless chest and my erect nipples.

“Fuck me.” I moaned into his ear, hands wandering to his zipper. He shook his head. We weren’t alone. His mother was in town, and staying with him, as damned inconvenient as that was. He led me inside by the hand. I smiled at his mom, hugged her hello. Over her shoulder I mouthed “Fuck me.” He shrugged his shoulders, helpless.

We sat on the sofa, chatting about inane everyday topics, but my mind wasn’t focused on conversation. He stroked my bare leg, his touch sending spirals of heat through my body. My pussy clenched, tingling with need. I stood up. “Anyone for a refill?” I gestured to our empty wine glasses.

I called for help with the corkscrew. As he entered the kitchen, I threw myself at him, falling to my knees and unzipping him in one smooth movement. I took his cock out and placed it in my mouth. Sucked once, sucked twice. I looked up at him.

“Fuck me.” I stroked his hard on, licking at the tip with my tongue, begging with my eyes. My hand was under my skirt, and my scent filled the kitchen.

He hauled me to my feet, bending me over the sink.

“Fuck you.”



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ez cheese said...

Ahhh. Now that is the kind of antagonism that will get you torn to pieces. I love it.