Monday, November 3, 2008

Somewhere only we know...

It made you feel cheap, you said. You felt bad that I would have to spend money to be with you. That's why you turned down the motel idea. That's why you gave me no encouragement when I asked for the tiniest little sign for me to turn around and drive to the nearest run-down, sleazy motel that I could find.

I understand what you meant. I can even respect that.

I know that we could go to your place. I know that chances are the roommate will be home, as she always is. And I know that we'll lie on your bed, slip a DVD into your computer, and then not bother watching it. I know we'll be together tonight.

The walls are paper thin. The roommate isn't getting any right now, and besides, she's known you all your life. It's like fucking in the same room as your sister. EEEWWW. Yeah, I get that. So we want to be discreet. We could wait for another time, when she's not home. But then there are the neighbours. It's never really private.

But I want you to understand why I need you in a hotel, why I need you someplace private.

Somewhere only we know.

When you kiss me, nipping at my lips, tongue seeking mine, I want to be able to moan. I want to be able to sigh when you envelope me in your arms. When you tackle me onto the bed, I shouldn't have to stifle my laughter.

I want to hear the echo of your thighs slapping off mine, and the crack of your palm as it deals out punishment to my trembling cheeks. I want to shriek and scream as your tongue delves between my legs and laps at my wetness. When your fingers slowly penetrate me, I don't want to have to bite down on a pillow, or a sheet. I want to let loose the primal cries that over take me.

I want to tear down the walls when I feel the tension of you between my thighs.

And when you finally fuck me, I want to pant, wail, pound and grunt like animals. When you take me from behind, I want to hear you call me your slutty bitch. When you fuck my ass again, I want to let you know exactly how good it feels. I want to hear you call me yours when you come inside me. When I come, I want to sigh your name, and melt into you.

I don't want us to have to hold back.

Let's go...somewhere only we know.


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