Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm Gonna Touch Myself

Another flash for Ms. Alison Tyler. This time, she wanted us to touch ourselves. Self love is the purest form of love (not to mention the safest LOL). This is my entry, and then pop over to her blog and check out the other entries - they're fucking HAWT.


The Big Picture

The words flash across the screen.


My pulse races. It’s time.

My office door is locked. I’m “on a call” if anyone should be looking. Slowly, I spin my leather chair to face the window, skirt hiked to my waist. Across from me, four blocks away, a blue light flashes once, twice, in a tenth story window. He’s ready.

I put my feet up on the ledge, parting my legs wide, revealing my trimmed bush to anyone who might be watching. No matter. I knew he was, with his telephoto lens, at its maximum setting. I know he can see everything I choose to show him clearly. Like my almond shaped nails trailing along the insides of my thighs, my middle finger seeking out my clit, which is already straining upwards, plump, begging to be touched.

I moan as I make contact, sending a spark up my body. My fingers move down my moist slit, descending along the wetness in slow motion, making sure he gets an eyeful. Using both hands, two fingers find my hole, sliding in and out to their own rhythm. My other hand pulls my lips apart so he won’t miss a thing. I imagine that every window has a set of eyes on me, that they are all doing the same thing. My fingers move faster as I picture faceless hands stroking hard cocks, pummeling wet pussies, heads thrown back, coming loudly, with me.

Right now.

Fuck I hope I’m photogenic.


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