Monday, February 1, 2010

Sleep Invasion

Produced for another contest by Miss Alison Tyler, this 250 word piece had to feature the words pink, glowing, and tart.

The contest is still ongoing. But I don’t believe that posting this here will influence the voters in any way. There are six scrumptious pieces up and the writing is just delectable! In my opinion, the readers are the winners in this.

You came to me in a dream…

I stood, wrists lashed together behind me with silken scarves. Dressed in a cotton candy pink demi bra and thong, my neck encased in a ruffled collar. I felt like a strawberry tart, and the wetness pooling between my thighs made up the creamy center.
I stared into the void, shoulders back, legs spread, at ease in military form.

I sensed, rather than heard you behind me. Felt the change in the air as you spoke, your breath hot on my ear.
“Did you think of me last night?” Your voice, soft and low, made me squirm. I nodded, and winced as I was slapped on the ass with what I assumed was a riding crop. "Yes sir." Voice reverent, it was what you wanted to hear.

Another strike with the crop. “Oh, your ass is glowing nicely. Did you touch yourself,” you hissed “while imagining my fingers, my tongue?” I nodded, biting on my lip as the strap was brought down again. “Could you feel my thick cock?” I nodded again. “Yes sir.” I whispered.

Your hand shot out, grabbing my ponytail. “Did. You. Come?” I nodded again as my head was jerked backwards. Your free hand slipped down my panties, one finger between my folds into the heat. You slid it up, touching my clit.

Swallowing my cry, I shattered.
Rubbing your finger over my lips so I could taste myself, you kissed me hard.

“Think of me again tonight.”


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