Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top Five Percent

Another flash for a contest over at Trollop With A Laptop. This puppy came in first out of seven scrumptious entries. Thanks to all who voted!


"Suzy and I figured it out yesterday." I trailed my fingers across your crotch. "Out of all the partners I've had, only a small per cent have ever given me mind blowing orgasms. And I find that sad."

You nodded. "So do I." Your voice was husky as you shifted closer to me on the couch, leaning in to nuzzle my ear. "What exactly WAS the percentage?"

"Five." The number came out softly, as your hand reached between my thighs. I sighed, my head falling backwards. "I mean, it's not like I've had horrible, selfish lovers. They all made me come, one way or another." My pussy twitched as I said 'come'. "But toe-curling, atom splitting orgasms? Very few were generous that way."

I felt your finger on my clit, which was suddenly slippery. My legs spread wider, very aware that we were both naked in the middle of my living room. But as you slid two fingers into me, I didn't care. I moaned as you slowly fucked me, your tongue abrading my right nipple.

My breath came in one long shudder, as I fought for words. "I mean, shouldn't every woman expect to come so hard she passes out every time she fucks?"

You stopped all your attentions. "Oh I totally agree with you." Confused, I almost whined. "So why did you stop?"

Kneeling between my legs, you spread my lips with your fingers. "Honey, prepare for unconsciousness. Because I'm gonna give til it hurts."


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