Friday, June 25, 2010

Bending Genders

I stood back, watching the vision before me primp before the full-length mirror. Long black hair twisted up in an elegant curl. My eyes followed graceful hands as they smoothed a satin gown down the lithe body I knew as well as my own. My cock throbbed, under the uncomfortable briefs. If this banquet wasn’t black tie, I’d have gone commando.

Caught staring, a lusty smile curled my lips. “Baby, you look so fucking hot. ” My hands grasped svelte hips. I kissed the soft skin that had been taunting me all day. “I really want to fuck that ass.” A sultry laugh caused a shiver down my back.

“Come on. Feel that.” I thrust against the object of my desire, my cock fitting right in the crack. A soft moan echoed. My trousers and briefs were puddled around my feet in record time. Fisting my hard on, I reached for the lube, the bottle squelching as I pumped some across my shaft. I used my free hand to part those perfect cheeks. I aimed at the puckered hole, moaning as the tight tunnel closed around me. After a few slow thrusts, I pumped in hard and fast, breathless gasps escaping us both. I knew it would be a quick one, and groaned as I shot my load. Pulling out, I used my briefs to clean myself. Then reached around the front of that smooth satin dress, grasping his hard rod beneath it.

“Later tonight, you can be the man.”


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