Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project Smutway Has Begun!

Hey there to all my hoochies, hotties and heaux!

A few months ago, our lovely Trollop A.T. (yes that's Alison Tyler for you newbies) decided that she wanted to host the mother of all competitions.  Inspired by Project Runway, she decided to do her own twist - and Project Smutway was born.

There are fifteen writers participating in this far-from-reality show.  I'm totally stoked to be in the company of some incredibly imaginative people.

And today marks the first day of voting!

My story - Bending Genders - is my first entry.  I've read the others, and it's going to be a CLOSE one this time around - I can feel it.  So, like American Idol - it comes down to votes.

Pop on over and check it out.  Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell your lover.  Hell, tell your mailman.  Read some amazing stories, try some new positions, and spark your imagination.  And PLEASE, don't forget to vote!  (Even if it's not for me - I want y'all to go with who's truly this best on this - otherwise it's hardly fair now, is it?)

Alison Tyler's Smut Marathon

NOTE: I had to change the url above to Alison's Trollop blog because I just discovered that the Project Smutway blog is by invite only.  But you can still read and vote there! 

So what are y'all waiting for???  LOL.

The poll is open until Friday at midnight.  (I think that`s PST as the lovely Alison resides in Californ-I-A)

Good luck to my fellow scribes and let the SMUT begin!

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