Thursday, August 19, 2010

Head Games

I know you’re thinking about me.

I know when you lie in bed at night, with her next to you, you wonder what it would be like if it was me. You’ve wondered about it before I’m willing to bet. But before, it was a long ago memory, a ghostly desire.

But now….now that you’ve tasted my lips again, felt my skin under your fingers, my breasts pressed against your chest, I know now you can’t get me out of your head.

Oh there are times during the day I’m sure where you manage to get rid of my image, forget my breath hot on your cheek, dash away the haunting whispers.

You’ve never seen me naked for real, and yet you’ve explored my body in your mind a million times. You want to know how I taste when I come, how good it feels to be encased inside me while you bring me to screaming heights.

You want to watch me fall with your name on my lips.

You dream of me. You know I can fulfill your needs, wants, desires. You know I’ll take your depravity, your kink and swallow it whole with lust and relish.  And then beg for more.

I amuse you - which counts for a lot in your mind.  If someone can’t hold your attention in a positive way, you reject their negativity regardless of how badly you might want to fuck them.

And you want to fuck me - badly.

So, in your head - for you’ll never be brave enough to do so in real life - come, take me.  Turn me over your knee and spank me for being naughty enough to keep your thoughts.  Spear me with your cock, driving into me over and over while you try to banish my soft curves from your blood. 

Fuck me with your tongue while you overdose on the liquid candy you’re tasting, and lie to yourself that this once will be enough.

Tie me up and use me.  Push your hardness between my lips, in and out, until heat, pain and lust cover my breasts.  Punish me for living inside your dreams.

And when you’re done, leave me there, spent and wanting.

You swear you’ll never return.

I know you’re thinking about me….again.


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