Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not -So-Cordially Yours...

Ok, so it didn't win this round of A.T's Smut Marathon, but it DID take me through to round five.  I don't think I did so badly seeing as how it was written on a "family" vacation, in a place that had no wi-fi at all. I had to go to the compound's clubhouse in order to send it.  The challenge?  To pen a sexy letter.

And, as always, I took it in a bit of a different direction.

Dear Asshole:

I can’t believe that you’ve done this to me. What gives you the right to ruin sex with any other man? Where do you get off being good enough to get me off six times in one session?

How do you think that I’m going to manage to look at another man’s cock and NOT think of your hard length pressing against my clit as you lie on top of me, teasing my dripping pussy before you enter?

My nipples cry for your touch, as much as it pisses me off. You know where to rub, to flick, to circle. Only you have been able to cause me to moan in heat and release.

I’m so pissed at you I would scream...if it didn’t remind of me of how you had me screaming your name, over and over, as you fucked me sideways, backwards and over the top of the moon.

I’d rather be mad at you than recall your smooth cock pounding into my aching cunt. I’d rather try to hate you than spend my days dreaming about your talented tongue as you licked me clean after shooting off over my freshly shaven mound, making me come so hard I almost bit through my lip.

I think I’ll try and hate you. It’s easier than using my fingers to fuck myself at night in a sad, imitated but never duplicated attempt to bring myself off the way you did.

You fucker.

Thanks for ruining me.


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