Thursday, September 23, 2010


Don’t ask me to behave myself.  Not again.

Not tonight.

I’m done being the good girl.  Done behaving like I don’t want you - and like I don’t know that you want me.

They say to dance like no one’s watching, but I know you are.  And so I will.

Don’t ask me to not get close, lips inches away from yours, so that you don’t forget that they are there, waiting for you to taste them.

Don’t laugh and pretend like you don’t know I’m serious when I say I will have you.  Because you know very well that I am, and that I will.

It’s all a matter of when.

Don’t ask me to stop flirting, asking you to take what I’m freely offering.  What I am willing to give you.  Very willing.

Don’t back away when I’m pressing against you - retreat is a sign of weakness, and we both know you are anything but.

Don’t look away when I gaze into your eyes, silently asking if tonight is the night. 

Don’t deny what is between us now, or what could be if we’d let it.

So please, don’t ask me to behave myself.

Not with you.

Not tonight.


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