Monday, September 13, 2010

So Who Done It?

Me did!  I mean, I done it.  I mean I won Round Five of Project Smutway!  I was in a first place tie with the lovely, talented and totally preeeeverted May Deva!

And this was the story that left 'em wanting more.

Fucked to Death

There were a thousand stories in the naked city. Hers was just one.

Her unseeing eyes lay staring at the ceiling, the events of the night evident on her thighs, as police questioned the guests in attendance. Faces tear stained, bodies cum stained, voices strained with grief – all claimed innocence. But one had to be guilty. Which one poisoned the naked socialite?


She strode into the dimly lit ballroom, voice carrying as she moved to the centre of the room, where her guests were in various states of undress and intoxication. “My friends, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves, and …” her scarlet lips turned up in a smile, “each other.” They all laughed. Katherine’s pussy dampened as she observed her husband licking Kitty Carrington’s shaved mound, his strong hand pumping his cock in rhythm.

She beckoned Jasper, her faithful butler, to her. She smiled, stroking his cheek with her hand, kissing him gently on the lips. She removed her nightgown, sinking down into the middle of the group, thighs spread wide, ready, willing.

Her husband smiled, plunging two thick fingers into her already wet hole. She arched in pleasure, reaching for the nearest cock. Paul Styles volunteered, groaning as her hand encircled his engorged shaft. Her pulse accelerated.

Katherine’s mouth hung open as her husbands fingers pounded into her. James, her ex-boyfriend, saw opportunity and fed his ten inches between her lips. Katherine’s heart pounded as she took his meat into her throat, her eyes focused on his. He winked as he held her head, gently fucking her mouth.

Paul’s cock grew under her skillful hand, his breathing becoming laboured as he approached his climax. Her grip tightened, her strokes hurried as he came with a groan, shooting off all over her luscious tits. Shaylene, Katherine’s best friend, was on it in a heartbeat, lapping up the cream, paying close attention to her nipples, which were hard and aching. Katherine’s breathing became laboured.

“Someone fuck her.” A disembodied voice reached her ears, and she nodded eagerly. Jasper stepped up, sliding his prick into her dripping cunt. She gazed into his bright eyes and nodded. At that, he quickened the pace, ramming into her, hitting the spots he knew intimately, his finger flicking her clit.

Katherine’s pussy clenched, her orgasm tearing through her like a hurricane. Her heart felt like it exploded, as she stiffened.

Jasper groaned, collapsing on top of his mistress. As he noticed she wasn’t moving, his eyes filled with tears. “Goodbye m’lady.” He whispered into her skin.

The start of the night...

As Katherine surveyed the skyline from the darkened study, she caressed the snifter of brandy she carried, before draining it viciously. She wanted this. She would live in infamy.

They’d all be found innocent, eventually. And she’d be beautiful forever.

There were a thousand stories in the naked city. And hers would be one they’d talk about for years to come.


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