Wednesday, May 25, 2011


(note: I dragged this one out from the annals - not ANALS you filthy people :P - of works in progress and finished it up)

I try to say no.

Honest. Even though my body wants it. Craves it. Is DESPERATE for it. I still try to say no.

Because, what it all comes down to, is the question - are we only about sex?

I'm trying to figure that out. But you're not letting me.

At the beginning of the night, it's a strong slap on the hand and a ferocious "NO." I am strong willed, I am tough, and I am righteous. This isn't happening tonight. We are going to enjoy each others company and just be together. Ok, a little groping OVER the clothing, and a few kisses are acceptable. But that's it.

You seem to accept this, settling for nuzzling that perfect spot on my neck, and running your fingers along my arm. You draw soft circles on the inside of my elbow, and nibble gently on my ear.

I'm getting warm, but I refuse to give in. Warmth is all I'm going to allow. My nipples become erect, almost painfully so, but I ignore them. Instead I lean over and softly kiss your lips. You slip your tongue in briefly, brushing against mine, and withdrawing. No sense in getting all worked up right? I think, this isn't so bad, because you're being very good, and accepting my NO this time.

Yah right.

An hour goes by, where we just watch TV, curled up on the bed. The door is closed. No one will disturb us, save the cat. You hold my hand, tracing a pattern into my palm. I'm blissfully content, desperately ignoring the throbbing between my legs and in my chest. I close my eyes, breathing deeply. I will calm down. I will beat these urges.

My hand is thrust between your legs, trapped against your hardness, and you start to thrust with your hips. I giggle, and try to pull it out, but your thighs are just too strong. I lie back, and just look at you, your eyes staring deeply into mine.

I move to my side to grab a drink from my glass on the side table. You take this as an invitation to spoon. You let my hand go, pulling me closer so that my ass is tight against your crotch. I bite my lip to hold back a moan, as my clit twitches. Your fingers once again trace patterns into my skin, this time at my waist. It turns me on to be this open and able with someone, and my ass moves further into your crotch.

You pull my hair aside, licking my neck, kissing your way from my collarbone up to my ear.

"No..." I whisper. But it's not even close to being strong. I'm not close to being righteous, or even wanting to be. I'm close to shattering all my will, all my strength. I'm close to giving in to my base urges, because, let's face it, we both want it.

I turn to face you, and you kiss me, this time your tongue taking longer in my mouth. My thighs part, and your hand naturally finds its place, palming my wetness through my jeans. My hands clutch at your back, pulling you into me.

"No..." I try to retain some sanity. I sit up and move, lying on my stomach to finish watching...wait, what were we watching again? You lie on top of me, your cock hard against my ass, pinning my arms in front of me. My hair is still to the one side, and you breath heavy against my ear. One word, a single uttered syllable turns me to liquid. "Please?"

I shake my head, not trusting myself to open my mouth at all. My resolve is weakening, as your hand snakes down the back of my pants, pulling my thong aside and thrusting two fingers into my pussy. I squeak, and bite on the sheets to stop myself from making further noise. You've had enough game playing and roughly you probe me, using your other hand to keep me down.

My juices are flowing and my cunt is clenching, riding your fingers. Suddenly I'm yanked onto my knees, and my jeans are being torn down. They make it halfway down my thighs when I feel you enter me. I push backwards, trying to take all of you in on each thrust. Trapped by my pants, my legs can't spread any further, and the imposed limit is causing friction in areas that I've never felt before. It causes me to come quicker, and I'm close to tearing a hole in the mattress with my teeth.

I want to scream, I want to cry out. But all I can do is collapse after you pull out, and picture you fisting your cock, milking yourself.

As I lie here, I attempt to comfort myself with this solitary thought...

Well, at least I tried.


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