Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime CONTEST

I'm stealing the torch. Ok not so much stealing, as borrowing. I figure, Alison Tyler isn't using it right now....

See, our lovely Trollop is a busy beaver these days (giggle - yes I said that on purpose). And I know that there are writers out there who are just itching for another contest. So, I figured I'd do one myself.

Inspired by my iPod, which has been known to have a sick sense of humor sometimes, here's your assignment, should you choose to accept it.

It's summer time. Sunshine, beaches, water, patios, cottages, drinks with little umbrellas - and lots and lots of wonderfully dark, romantic, sultry and sweaty places to have sex. Oh, and music. Cool music. Loud music. Bopping music that seems out of place in the dreary, cold grip of winter.

So, pick your favourite summer song. Use it as the title. Give me no more than 500 words. Make us moan, make us sweat, make us sing.

Anyone can enter. If you've sold 10,000 stories, or are just entering the world of erotica, I'm taking all entrants. No discrimination here.


... the usual "NSW" rules apply. You know, no sex with - anyone under 18, animals (as per usual, shifters don't count), things or people that are dead (supernatural beings are ok though, as long as they're over 18). No snuff. No scat. Anything that is sent in those categories is automatically deleted, no matter how good you may think it is.

The prize? I'm not quite sure yet. But rest assured, as a frequent participant in these contests, I know the value of working for something worthwhile. So I shall, indeed, make it worth your while.

What am I forgetting? Oh right! Deadline and where to send it. D'OH.

Have it in by midnight (EST if you please) on June 30 to angell dot brooks at hotmail dot com.

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