Monday, June 27, 2011

Drawing a blank...

So to speak anyway.

See, I'm like most of the writers I know. I have several WIP's. Characters screaming at me to let them out. And so I do.

Trouble is, unlike the other writers I know, I'm not quite as disciplined at moving them forward past the initial introduction stage. Which explains why I've been working on the same screen play for the last fifteen years (yes, you read that right).

So, come hell or high water, on my foray into cottage country next week (yes I am FINALLY taking some serious ME time - sort of) I am determined to finish at least TWO of the shorts I have going right now. It's going to be difficult, as my trip involves a bunch of women at my aunt's summer "home" and that also involves a hell of a lot of drinking and goofing off. They usually never leave me alone, peering over my shoulder as I'm writing, with a slurred "What'cha doin'? Writin' more porn?" Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but that is annoying as all hell to begin with when people are sober - but at least then you can explain to them that the writing process is private, and they will understand.

Try explaining that to a bunch of middle-aged booze hounds, (and since they're my family I can call them that) most of whom haven't gotten laid in a few months. (yes the conversations ALWAYS lead there - and then the topic switches to the purchase of bedroom aides and when will I take them shopping? Answer: NEVER!)

Although it's always a good time, this year, following the death of my father, and a whole bunch of personal stuff that is going on, I do anticipate there being quite a few tears. And a few more hours of me on the sun porch away from the crying and sniffling.

So, here's hoping for a successful self-imposed deadline.

ANNNNND....speaking of deadlines. There are exactly four more days to get your entries in for my Hot Fun in the Summertime contest. I expect to see a few familiar faces, as well as some new friends.

So what are you waiting for? GET WRITING!

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