Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's that time kids.

Two entries. Two wonderfully talented writers decided to try their hand at my challenge, and I am ETERNALLY grateful to them both.

What was the challenge? 

Take your favourite summer song. Use it to inspire a five-hundred word sexy summer story.

Here are the two wonderful entries. No names, but vote for your favourite. Voting closes Friday night (July 15) at midnight EST.

Brown-Eyed Girl 
It is a cliche to call a summer night sultry, but it fit. Sitting in
the prickling grass with some friends, with the sun setting and some
folk-y music drifting from the bandshell, it was hot,sticky,sultry and
just about perfect.
“Excuse me, miss.”
A bump from behind and a deep voice jarred me. I looked over my
shoulder and smiled, not wanting to break my mood just yet.
“Not a problem. No harm, no foul, right?”
His broad smile, with a slight gap between his front teeth, answered
as he sprawled on the grass beside me. He looked like a surfer, tanned
and wind-blown.
“Hello, brown eyed girl.I believe there's been a song or two written
about you. They didn’t do you much justice though.”
His eyes scanned from my hair to my toes, then back to my eyes.
Normally, I'd be giving him the brush-off by now, instead I was
grinning back. He looked ready for a lark and willing to instigate if
need be.
“Ah,” I rolled my eyes dramatically, “Flattery may get you everywhere.”
He leaned towards me. “Really?”
I turned my head towards the bandshell, smiling, willing to let the
moment linger. We sat in silence through two more songs, testing the
current flowing between us. He moved slightly, I could feel his heat
on my bare arm. A new band took the stage and slow strains of music
wove themselves around us as the twilight deepened.
He shifted again, brushing his arm against mine. I realized I was
leaning toward him as well.
“You smell so good. I bet you taste even better.” He said quietly,
brushing my hair back from my face.
Trailing his hand down my arm, he touched his lips to mine softly,
ghosting his tongue across my bottom lip. He tasted like summer,
slightly salt and smoky. I wanted more. He brushed my hair aside and
began tracing patterns on my exposed skin, shivers following each soft
pass across my neck. My pulse was shifting from waltz to cha-cha, the
man had talent.
One hand brushed across my breast, bringing it to a swift peak. I felt
an answering stiffness against my back, a twitch that echoed in my
pussy. The hand continued down my side, burrowing under my loose
summer skirt.
“Oh, dirty girl. No panties.”
His fingers dipped into my wetness, mirrored the patterns he was
tracing on my neck across my clit. I was coming undone rapidly, his
cock pressing against my ass as I leaned back.
“Come for me.”
He bit down on my shoulder, just as I felt my body clench, and I bit
my lip to keep from groaning as release rushed through my body like a
tidal bore. He held me, waited for my breath to calm, stroking my
“Wonder what our first date will hold.” he chuckled, drawing me to my
feet and into the night.
All Summer Long
We were not in Alabama and far from seventeen. But, as Kid Rock  screeched All Summer Long on the radio, I got ideas. Sweat beaded on my  husband’s reddish-tan chest, running over tight abdominal muscles,  soaking into the band of his paint and dirt covered work shorts which  hung low on his waist. He caught me looking.  

Smiling in a rather crooked way, he huffed, “The yard can wait.”

He turned with a grunt, grabbed the ice water I’d gotten him and disappeared behind the one closed garage door.

When I stepped inside, he grabbed my arm and turned me into him, his hand covering my mouth. As I struggled for air, his free hand worked around my tank to pull my bra free. After it fell, I felt the cold rush of his ice water over my chest.

My screech was stifled by the tight grip of his hand. Backing up on instinct, I felt his erection hard against my ass. The heat of the day radiated from his skin against my back as I watched my nipples pebble under my white tank top.

“Cooled down?” His voice was deep, his breath hot across my ear. I shivered.

I could only nod.

He grabbed at my breasts. Desire pooled deep in my stomach.

“Bend,” he demanded. I obeyed, laying over the front of his car. His free hand yanked my shorts and panties down over my nearing sun-burnt thighs. Then, I heard his pants hit the ground as well. Seconds later, I felt his knuckles and the head of his cock at my wet opening. As I imagined his big hand tight around his erection, my inner walls expanded around him.

A door slammed in the distance. My heart started hammering even harder.

“Come,” he hissed. The sudden invasion coupled with his anxious pace and fear of being caught, built the tension inside me from a fire to a near explosion.

His fingers moved between me and the car. Separating my folds and gathering my moisture there, they finally landed on my throbbing clit. Rapid thrusts pushed my engorged nub hard against the pads of his fingers. My taut inner muscles gave way to sparks of release, like fireworks shooting through my body. His hand at my mouth silenced my scream of pleasure. His chest fell to mine, and I heard his own quiet groans in my ear. His hot seed spilling into me set off another round tremors inside my body.

No sooner had our heat crescendoed than he pushed me down to kneeling behind the car—my wet nipples pressed against my hot thighs, my shorts still around my ankles, his legs against my bare ass. I heard his zipper seconds before I heard my neighbor’s voice.

“You got any energy left to help me a minute?”

I bit my lip not to giggle as the evidence of our moment trickled onto my thigh and I plotted future summer sexcapades.

THANK YOU once again to my lovely scribes.

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