Friday, July 8, 2011

WOW - I am getting old...

OldER anyway. I mean, we all are.

But this weekend is my birthday weekend.

Wanna get me something sweet?

Then how about 500 words for my contest? LOL. I mean, the deadline is the day AFTER my birthday.  (Please don't ask how old - some know the truth, but I'll never tell. Let's just say young enough to still do it, and old enough to know not to confess until the cops show)

So when I blow out my candles, my wish will be to have a full in-box at midnight on July 11. I know some of you have already sent them in, and I am forever grateful for that.

But for those of you still hesitating - let's just say that iTunes will play a part of the prize. Exactly what I can't say. AND if I get a full in-box, Ms. Alison Tyler has introduced me to a number of wonderfully talented artists on Etsy to choose from.

For those wondering how my "vacation" went - let's just say next year I'd rather stay home. 'Nuff said. But isn't that sexy purple birthday cake bad ass?

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