Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gorgeous Glee-ful Girl Gagas!

Ok, I was going for a cute alliteration there.

Ahem - Hi. My name is Angell Brooks, and I - am - a - Gleek.

Hmm, no looks of shock or surprise. Guess I'm out of the closet then right?

So if y'all know me that well, it will not come as a shock to find out that I have the absolute HUGEST girl crush on the adorable, lovely, gorgeous, talented, toe-curling Lea Michele.

The funny thing is - back when I was Rachel Berry's age, admitting you had a crush on a member of the same sex automatically meant that you were, well....*whispered* you know.

These days, the lines of sexuality are so blurred in every aspect of life that I'm surprised we still have labels at all. And yet we do. Hetrosexual, homosexual, bisexual, omnisexual, asexual - for whatever your choice, there is a lifestyle, and a label.

And, unfortunately, along with the label comes a bias. And judgement. And plain, old nastiness.

Hmm, where was I going with this again? Sorry - my train of thought has derailed somewhere along the way.

This started as just a way for me to share this amazing song from RENT, sung on Glee by Lea Michele and Amber Riley (Rachel & Mercedes respectively for those who have just returned from Guam). Also, one that *I* feel applies to me. Even if no one else does.

But it got me thinking. Why are so many people quick to judge in today's society anyway? People want others to be "normal". What the fuck is normal anyway? Ok, when I was younger, normal (for girls) was liking boys - usually on the football team or student council - and wanting to be a cheerleader. Anything that went against that, was weird - which was ME. Although I admired and appreciated the physique of the athletes, I tended towards the dramatic, and "nerdy" boys (who turned out to be gorgeous, smart and uber-talented later in life).

These days, anything that is "weird" is being considered normal. Which, to me, seems just about right. Because my definition of normal, is not being like anyone else. We all are different in every way. Some things may be similar to others, but we are each unique. Why strive to change that to be someone else?

So, instead of my original point, which was just to share a great song by two lovely ladies - it is now a showcase, and applause to two well-written, likeable characters, who fit MY OWN definition of normal, and stay true to themselves.

Sing it proud ladies.

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