Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Romance Awareness Month

How did I NOT know that August was R.A.M?

Seriously. Someone who adores romance, like me, should be keenly aware of these things.

Instead, I'm keenly aware of the LACK of romance in my life. Especially now - when the summer is almost over and the grand tradition known as the C.N.E. is on right now.

See my whole life, I've been a sucker for romance. But very few of the guys I've ever been involved with are hard-wired for romance. It seems to be too much work for them.

And my whole life, all I've wanted, every summer, is to ride the ferris wheel at the Canadian National Exhibition, at night, with someone I love - his arms around me, cuddled tight, and when we stop at the top, to be softly, sweetly kissed in a way that makes it feel like it goes on forever.

It's never happened. And it's incredibly frustrating.

I might be a city girl, but there's still some small town inside me. And the CNE, as big as it is, always feels like a small town county fair. And it sounds stupid, but once the sun sets, and the midway comes to life, it's so romantic - at least I think so.

Maybe it's because you're walking around holding tight to the person you went with, because you don't want to get lost in the crowd. Or maybe it's how many times the boys try so hard to win their dates those cheesy stuffed animals, and when they finally do, the girls look at them like it's the most wonderful thing in the world. Stress seems to disappear, the midway is full of laughter, and it feels like life is good.

At least it's how it appears in my mind.

And when you're above the city - looking down on all the lights, or dead ahead at the CN Tower - it feels like you're alone on top of the world.

And there's nothing more magical than that.

Not that I think it's the MOST romantic thing in the world - I mean, I have a few other scenarios that are right up there - but it's something that would make my heart melt and my knees weak, in the middle of what has been my most hectic summer. And yet, it looks destined to go unfulfilled another year.

So tell me my friends - what makes your knees weak? What romantic gesture could your chosen man do for you that would melt you into a puddle of goo?

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