Monday, June 24, 2013

SWF, w4m, FWb?

Have you ever written a personal ad?

Me neither. Never thought to. But I do seriously enjoy reading them. So much so that I actually follow my city's Casual Encounters on twitter. Just for the hell of it. And in the name of research. Yes, research.

Especially for this round of Alison Tyler's Smut Marathon.

You do recall the lovely, sensual characters penned in Round Two? If not, why not pop back and familiarize yourself with them once more? It's ok. I can wait.

Wonderful aren't they?

So, our assignment this round was to write a personal ad for one of those delightful, sexy people. Just not the one we created.

What resulted was entertaining, amusing and all sorts of LULZ. And wet panties. Yep. Because they are all of the above, and they are sexy too. Just like they should be.

So grab a coffee, or beverage of choice (hell it's five o'clock somewhere right?), and find yourself a match. And then tell your friends.

Because that's what friends do right? Share?

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