Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just call me Madame Angell...

I was thinking Pimp Daddy, but I've got breasteses and Pimp mama just sounds...wrong. So Madame Angell it is.

Why the sudden change in names? Because I'm changing careers, for a moment.

Today, I am pimping out my girl Alison Tyler - or more specifically, her book Banging Rebecca.

Look at this beautiful cover.

Doesn't it just CALL to you? The siren song of a scintillating story. The melodic music of a magnificent memoir. 

The titillating tone of a transcendent tale.

*shrug* Ok, so I'm not as good at alliteration as Alison herself.

But you get my meaning right?

Alison's goal is to sell 50,000 copies - whether hard-copy or e-book format. Both are simply pennies in the bang-for-a-buck category. 

The Kindle version is selling for a mere $2.99 u.s. That's less than a skinny mocha-latte at Starbucks. And this will last you longer. And you can enjoy it again, and again.

The hard-copy is currently on sale for $5.49. (No more Starbucks comparisons - one is all I got in me. I'm a Tim Horton's kind of girl. See?).

What's it about? Well... let's borrow a review from Amazon, shall we? (re-posted with permission)

5.0 out of 5 stars Rocking the Vibe

This is how I dreamed my meeting with a rock star would go.

In the first lines of Banging Rebecca, Alison Tyler successfully transforms even the stodgiest of readers into the most willing of groupies. The character of Rebecca could have been me, in another lifetime. This is every fantasy, every x rated dream, every scenario (and then some) that's brought me to my knees over the last twenty years.

Written in a language that's simple, and yet all her own, Alison brings us into the world of rock and roll with few words, images that cause you to sweat inside, and a desire for the life that eludes the majority of us.

This has to be the hottest of the hot produced so far by Ms. A.

Need I say more?

So, help a girl - no, help a GODDESS out. Go buy a copy - and while you're at it, get one for a friend.

Trust me, they'll thank you.

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