Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm a Survivor! (And doing lots of pimping!)

And at the end of round three, I'm still on the island!

Thanks to all who came out and voted. (All three of you - heh)

I wound up in a three-way with the oh-so-sexy Poetic Desires and Kal Colbalt. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to another three-way group: Beck Fletcher, Jade A. Waters, and Senda Selgado. Follow the links - check 'em out. (Beck and Senda are newbies, but if they decide to send me links, I shall update).

If you were able to figure it out - my inspirational tune was Empire State of Mind (not very hard - I forgot to give it a different title, which is what happens when you forget about deadlines). While I like the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys duet, I prefer this version of the song, from the lovely songstress.

New York is on my mind lately. In 29 days I leave for the city that never sleeps for a week of checking items off my bucket list. Now, will the particular scenario I wrote about be checked off? Not a chance. But it is up there. Maybe one day....

In the mean time, while y'all are waiting for Round Four, there's a ton of stuff going on in the erotic blogosphere.

Sommer Marsden just released two amazing books back to back - The Accidental Cougar, which she is currently blog-touring with (Day one is here - you'll find some fascinating stuff so follow along) and Poster Boy for Average. Y'all know I love Sommer, and I can guarantee you'll love her books - that is, if you haven't picked any of them up yet, and if not, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Here's her author page at Amazon. Close your eyes and click, and you're bound to pick a winner, no matter what. And since she's always writing, there's new stories coming from her all the time, whether it's short stories in anthologies, or novellas, or full length oh-my-god-did-she-really-just-write-that novels. She's a superwoman, dealing not just with her writing career, but a full personal life full of pitfalls and reality-sucking situations. She truly is a marvel. (follow on twitter @sommer_marsden)

Alison Tyler is EVERYWHERE these days. And I'm not just saying that because she's one of the best authors and editors in the genre. Her book Dark Secret Love won the Gold Ippy for Erotica! (Category 46 if you're checking it out). She was also mentioned briefly in Variety's piece on NewsCorp buying out Harlequin (Oh dear....). She was also interviewed for the Huffington Post! And there's always a ton of fun stuff going on over at her blog Trollop With A Laptop. Not only the Smut Marathon - which is turning into a yearly thing - but she's always running another contest or two. She now has a new feature on her blog for Mondays - Trollop with a Question. The woman always comes up with a fun, intriguing question to ask her readers and friends. There's also another new feature called Eat Me (yes it sounds naughty, but it's really not, unless you're doing stuff with your food that maybe is kinky or ...). Not to mention she's always pimping out new writers, or Etsy stores, or music....(I can't tell you how many artists I never would have thought to listen to before Alison brought them to my attention). I could gush for hours about her generous soul and wonderful life-affirming spirit. But I won't. Just visit and follow the woman, will ya? (follow on twitter @AlisonTyler).

Stranded In Toronto is right in my backyard, and is a gem. Not just erotica, it provides amazing stories in other genres such as humor, sci-fi and horror. Not to mention he's just funny and sexy as hell to follow on twitter. (follow @stranded_in_to)

Author H.K. Kiting offers all sorts of services on NOT THOSE KINDS OF SERVICES. Geeze. Once in awhile the brain has to come out of the gutter. Anyway, there's not just a slew of free sexy reads under the categories BDSM, Breath Control, Gay, Lesbian and Straight, but there's also editing services and podcasts for writers. (follow on twitter @HKKiting)

Over at poison pen/dirty mind, author Oleander Plume offers free reads and excerpts from her short stories she's published in such amazing anthologies as Best Women's Erotica 2014 and The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. Not to mention she's incredibly funny. (follow on twitter @OleanderPlume)

AND there's more. If you check out my sidebar, there's a list of blogs that I follow that are incredible. People like Violet Blue, who's not just an amazing erotic author and editor, but also writes for CNET, Zero Day, ZDNet, and CBS News. She's a foremost expert in sex and technology. (follow on twitter @violetblue).

Following any of those lovely people on twitter will also lead you to a plethora of other amazing authors and experts to follow.

As for me, well, stay tuned here. I know I keep saying that I'm going to post more, and I fully intend to. Personal matters have kept me from posting more of my writing, but I am self-censoring no more.

Onward and upward, and I'll see y'all really soon!

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