Friday, May 16, 2014

Time for some Self Love...

Well, not the way you're thinking. Not yet anyway. :P

What I mean is, it's time to brag. Once again, Alison Tyler has seen fit to include me in one of her amazing projects.

Back in 2008 (wow - has it really been THAT long?), a snippet of mine appeared in her guide for couples Never Have the Same Sex Twice. The book was intended to use as a tool to put the spark back in the bedroom. There were stories from amazing authors such as Sommer Marsden, Thomas S. Roche, Jeremy Edwards, and Kristina Lloyd, to go with chapters of advice from the number one Trollop - Alison herself.

It was in such great demand that she decided to do another one. This time around, Never Say Never picks up where the first left off...which was somewhere off the beaten path. Alison is a huge believer in the practice of monogamous kink, which is to say that just because you're with the same partner, it doesn't mean that you have to keep having the same sex. (Hence the titles). Like it's predecessor, it's not a step-by-step guide on what to do, but rather advice on how to let your imagination guide you and your partner into some incredibly sexy scenarios. And, following the tips, an erotic example (fictitious of course *wink wink*) of what can be done.

Amazing authors such as Sommer Marsden, Kristina Lloyd, Shanna Germain, Thomas S. Roche, and Teresa Noelle Roberts, along with a host of others (I wrote hots initially, because, really I do have the hots for them all - they're brilliant!), make up the TOC this time around.

I'm incredibly proud to say that I'm not just a snippet in this book, but I'm a whole story! My contribution Bring Me the Dark, is included in the chapter on Exhibitionism.

Here's a little taste (tee-hee -  you'll get the joke in a minute)

“Mrs. Miller? Welcome to Le Chat Noir.” My panties got damp. Dining in the dark. The newest trend at the hottest spot in town. She put my hand on her shoulder and led me inside the pitch black room. I could hear others around us, chewing, talking, and giggling softly. Without my sight, it was kind of scary, but very sensual at the same time. 

“Stand here for just one moment please.” I felt an absence of presence, if that makes any sense. I realized it was dark, but it felt like everyone was staring at me anyway. I felt very vulnerable. It must have only been a few seconds, but it seemed like forever until a pair of unseen hands grasped my waist and guided me into a chair. 

“I hope you don’t mind.” Daniel’s breath was warm on my ear. “I took the liberty of ordering for you.” His voice was husky and had my heart doing flip flops. “Of course I don’t mind. Daniel, this is ...” 

He cut me off with a kiss. A tender, moist, slow kiss that had my toes curling. A wine glass was pressed into my hand. The full bodied liquid trickled down my throat, and I felt around for the table. After placing it down, and making sure it was far enough away from the edge, I reached out, sensing Daniel’s body heat. My hand landed high up on his thigh, and he placed it higher, allowing me to feel his hard cock beneath his dress pants.

My pussy twitched. “Thank you for the lovely lingerie. It’s very beautiful.” His voice was knowing and evil. “Oh it’s more than beautiful my dear. It’s got a dual purpose.”

 I gasped as my clit began pulsing. So that’s what the disc inside was. He bought me vibrating panties. And obviously, he had the remote.

I almost came right then and there. The pulsing changed to a light steady vibe, and then shut off. "Surprise.” I heard the waiter come up behind me.

“Please make sure the area in front of you is clear. Scallops for your appetizer.” His hand brushed against the side of my breast as he set the plate down. My body tingled in a way that had absolutely nothing to do with the remote control.

Now, I'm not an official blog-tour stop, so for those, head on over to - yep, you guessed it - Alison's blog and start from the very beginning. *grin*  For us Canucks, I can't think of a better way to start the long weekend. Yes, the long weekend. An extra day to stay in bed and...

well, if you need ideas, check out the book.

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