Monday, February 9, 2015

Mixing and Matching Music

If any of you have ever been over to Alison Tyler's blog - you know she's all about da bass.

Ok, maybe not. But she is all about all things music. She's constantly quoting songs, revealing what she's listening to, recommending artists and sharing memories and stories behind some of her favourite tunes.

She also is a HUGE fan of mixed tapes. As am I.

Currently I have 8,352 songs on my iPod. And am adding more daily. All kinds of songs - Broadway tunes, movie soundtracks, country, rock, metal, jazz - even comedy.

Back on January 19, Alison posted an entry called Make Your Mixed Tape. And it got me thinking.

There are at least a dozen variations on the mixed tape.

 - I want you but I shouldn't want you
 - You're mine and I'm so happy about that
 - I love you but I shouldn't love you
 - You love me but I don't love you and this is to let you know that we're just friends
 - I used to love you but I let you go and now I hate myself
 - You're my best friend

Etc, etc.

You get what I mean.

So I started thinking. What songs would I want someone to put on a mixed tape for ME, if I had my choice? What songs in my library would curl my toes in a good way?

It's been forever since someone made me a mixed tape. And these days, well, you can make a mixed "tape" out of anything. You can email a file, you can put it on a memory stick, you can put together a litany of youtube videos and send the link. Or, you could go old school. But what would they play it on?

I figured I'd do a few of these lists as I love to mix and match.

So the first list.

I LOVE YOU BUT I SHOULDN'T (From him to her)

Out of the over 8,000 songs on my iPod, these are twenty-five of the dozens that fit this category. Some you'll know, some you won't. So I've managed to link them all to youtube.

WARNING: they're all kind of schmaltzy, but hey, I like schmaltz. Also, there is a history behind some of these songs, and others have been - and will be - used as inspiration for future writings. But that's good right? Inspiration abounds....

Time by Mikky Ekko
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
Make You Feel My Love by Adele
Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner
Try by Blue Rodeo
Shameless by Garth Brooks
Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson
One More Night by Phil Collins
Never Tear Us Apart by INXS
The Other Man by Sloan
The Love I Meant to Say by Jeremy Jordan
Something by Jim Sturgess
Lips of An Angel by Hinder
I Should Go by Levi Kreis
Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
Fool For You by Colin James
In Too Deep by Phil Collins
More than Words by Extreme
Far Away by Nickleback (**will probably get hell for this one but I don't care - I LOVE this song**)
Come What May by Ewan Macgregor and Nicole Kidman
Just Remember by Chad LaMarsh
We've Got Tonight by Lea Michele and Cory Monteith (I KNOW I KNOW Bob Seger is the original singer of this but I DO love this version)

So what would YOUR suggestions be for this list? Any bone melters that you wish someone would dedicate to you?

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