Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dropping in to say AARRRGGGHHHH!

Nothing sexy in today's entry.

Ever have one of those days where you know what you need to do, have a list and everything, and yet your brain says "Nope. Sorry. Coffee break. Catch me after."

And it's a never-ending coffee break?

Yeah that's me today.

I need to do some research on vitamins and supplements. You know, because I'm getting older and my brain is taking way too many coffee breaks these days.

I also need to try and eat better. Which means a meal plan. But I need to do it on a budget. And I'd like to be able to prep ahead of time. Which equals food that freezes well.

I have at least three books I'm reading right now, and another dozen I owe reviews on. Not to mention calls I'd like to submit for.

On top of ALL of that - I need to find another job. One where I can make grown up money. One where I'm not the only woman in a group of juvenile testosterone-laden men who seem to forget I'm there half the time. One where I can be creative and make a difference, and have fun and enjoy working. One where I wake up most mornings looking forward to what the day is going to bring.

And yet....

"Sorry. Still on my coffee break."

I can't seem to fight it. A friend has called it mental exhaustion. I have no idea. I just know that my to-do list is growing, and my mental coffee break went from a fifteen to a dinner date.

So I'm staring at the boob-tube more hours than I care to admit. And nothing is getting accomplished. Except the days are passing by faster than I can count. And I'm worried that they'll all pass me by and all that I'll wind up with is the leftovers my brain brings back from it's dinner date.

And I hate leftovers.

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