Monday, July 21, 2008

Got writers block? GO SHOPPING

All I have to say is that thanks to Alison Tyler, my life is NEVER going to be the same again. That trollop has got me thinking SEX ALL THE TIME. (ok, peanut gallery - this is where you keep your mouths shut - here - have a lolly).

Also, she has introduced her devoted, devout and loyal voyeurs readers to the wonderful artists at Etsy. If you're a fan of Alison's, you've seen a lot of different artists on there. From the sublime to the silly, from the kinky to the sweeeeeeeet (ie/ the above lolly's). You can do a search for any terms, and I have. Most of them were four lettered ones too. LOL.

I spent today surfing the site, and these are some of the wonderful items that could make me a whole lot poorer in the pocketbook (if I can't resist buying), but they're going to make my imagination a whole lot richer.

Take these lovely items for example....

All they are missing is a couple of D rings on the front of them. There's a thrilling story, and experience, somewhere in there, I'm sure of it.

I just fell for these earrings - although I probably wouldn't wear them, the scene depicted is HOT. I'm tempted to try and reproduce it in reality - well, the outfit and pose and bondage part anyway. Don't know where I'd find the giant boot....

It's my new cure for writers block. Whenever I'm stuck, I'll just surf on over and see what the lovely artisians have to offer by way of kink, promise, and imagination.

Thanks Alison - now I'll have to get a third job.

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