Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today I am worshipping at the feet of a newly discovered blogger, an artist who paints the most erotic pictures with her words. I find myself reading them aloud, and desperate to fuck afterwards.

The indescribable A. Secret at Pocket Secrets mesmerized me from the second I saw the first entry I read. As You the end I was wondering where the fucking lamp was so I could rub it.

If you don't get your asses over there to check out her assets, amongst other things, then I will have to question your sanity. When someone writes a line like What if another is fucking my mind. And what if I am liking it, there's just no way to NOT read the rest of their prose.

I am in love, horny as hell, and aiming to find someone to do something about it.

2 horny thoughts:

A. Secret said...

Wow! This is so sweet! How did I miss this? It think I am blushing. And I am quite certain I owe you a kiss.

Earl of Rozland said...

Mercy, I've been like that lately too. Don't know if I could have the nerve to read that, but who knows, if someone isn't around......