Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three is always better than two....

About a two weeks ago, Alison Tyler asked us about threesomes. She asked for, and I quote "a fantasy about a three-some, or one that really happened."

Is this one real, or fantasy? I think I'll let you decide.....


How very silly of him, I thought to myself. How could he leave me alone with these two beautiful men? The answer was simple - he trusted me implicitly. Up to that point, he had every reason to.

Tonight, however, he should have played it smart.

"I'll meet you guys back at Don's at eleven." he said before he kissed me goodbye. Thinking Don's roommate was home, that we would just watch movies or play video games. Or drink.

Well, he got that part right anyway.

I drove us to the local ski hill, which doubled as a regular party place in the off season, whether for teenagers, or kids. I parked at the base of the hill, the night silent as it enveloped us. It was spring, and still a little cool for the kids to be out playing, as they normally would in warmer weather. Don passed me the bottle of Southern Comfort he had started. I gripped the neck, and took a long swallow, shuddering. I hated the taste of liquor, but hey - we had time to kill.

From the backseat, Mike reached up for his turn. Handing it back to him, his fingers lingered on mine, and the resulting heat could have turned April to July. I knew what he wanted, what we all wanted. We’d been tiptoeing around each other in public for quite some time, but now, with two hours to kill, the sexual tension was stifling.

I felt his blue eyes strip me to the skin, as he gulped back two or four shots of the sweet liquid and handed it back to Don. “Does the seat go back?” Without speaking, I lowered the driver’s side, gazing up at him from flat on my back. Don leaned over and kissed me, his mouth full of booze, forcing it into my mouth, and down my throat. I coughed, but managed to keep it under control. His hands unbuttoned the shirt I was wearing, parting the panels of silk to reveal my soft belly. I tried to cover up, self conscious about my weight. I’d been with Don before, but the encounters had always been desperate, clandestine affairs, fully clothed in a public place. My body wasn’t something I was proud of, but at this point, neither of the gorgeous men in front of me cared.

They just wanted to fuck. And so did I.

Mike grabbed my hands, as Don unhooked the front clasp on my bra, and immediately took a breast in his mouth. I moaned in pleasure, and Mike released my hands, tearing his clothes off, and instructing Don to remove the rest of mine. Fortunately, I was in a skirt, so there wasn’t much to remove. When all three of us were naked, we figured the logistics of trying to have a threesome in a Pontiac Grand Am. Thankfully, the back seat folded down, and the front seats went back.

I lay with the lower half of my torso in the spacious trunk, Mike on top of me, eager to sink his rock hard cock into my waiting pussy. Don knelt on the passenger seat, stroking his impressive erection, and my mouth opened automatically. Both men looked at each other, and in a silent countdown, both sank their engorged rods into my hot, wet holes.

Don thrust into my mouth over and over, forcing himself down my throat, as Mike pounded at my slit, his pubic bone striking my clit with every thrust, and causing me to come much quicker than I would have liked. My hands clutched at my tits, pinching and pulling at my nipples as I moaned around Don’s cock.

Mike pulled out. “This is killing my back, and frankly, I want to feel that hot little mouth of hers around my cock. I’ve got another idea.” Don helped me up and, moving me to the front seat, one knee balanced on the drivers side, he impaled me from behind, as Mike lay back on the bed the seats made, and I anxiously took him inch by inch down my waiting throat.

Don bent over me, his face a mere inches from Mikes in the enclosed space, as my tits swung back and forth and I bobbed up and down on Mike’s knob. This was a much more comfortable position and we established a better rhythm. My clit was still throbbing from all the contact it had before, and a mere touch of Don’s finger sent me spiraling into space again.

Don groaned, a sure signal he was going to come, and grabbed a fistful of my hair, forcing me off Mike and almost banging my head on the roof. His free hand grasped my clit and pulled hard on it, causing me to scream in ecstasy, as my juices mingled with Don’s and ran down my thighs.

Mike, turned on by the sight of me in total submission, began jerking his fist around his cock, which looked ready to explode. “Let her go Don. I want her to swallow this.” Don obliged, shoving me forward, my mouth ready and willing. I took him back in my mouth with seconds to spare as he shot his load down my throat.

I eagerly swallowed every last drop, and collapsed on his thighs. Don had moved into the driver’s seat and was leaning against the door, panting. The bottle was passed around again. This time, I just rinsed out my mouth with it, and popped a mentos. I climbed out of the car to get dressed, not caring if anyone saw me after what I had just gone through. The boys did the same, and we drove back to Don’s with the windows down, to rid the car of that “just been fucked” smell.

When Kevin walked into Don’s place half an hour later, we were watching a movie….


Pandora's proverbial box had been opened, and what's more, none of us were sure that we wanted it closed again. (Threesome 1994)

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MPD said...

Just found your blog, and there are four of us who share the same ID, so we'll prolly all post luv.

I believe it's reality. Sounds just wayyyy too good to be fiction.

What a yummy night luv. Are the blokes still around?

Pronto said...

this is a very nicely written,

most yummy post.....