Friday, June 15, 2012

Hold me through the night...

Well, morning, noon AND night that is. I am completely, totally, UTTERLY thrilled to share with you, my (few) readers that I am appearing in yet ANOTHER Alison Tyler anthology. This one, from Cleiss Press, brings you through twenty-four kinky, hot, fun, fuckable hours. Check out the cover - isn't it just gorgeous?

And I am humbled to appear between these pages with such amazing company. Check out the lineup.

24/7 by Aisling Weaver
4 a.m. Wake-Up Call by Jax Baynard
5 a.m. Walk of Shame by Dante Davidson
6 a.m. Coffee by Heidi Champa
7 a.m. Change of Shift by Cheyenne Blue
8 a.m. Morning Wood by Georgia E. Jones
9 a.m. Office Briefing by Justine Elyot
10 a.m. Kickoff by Donna George Storey
11 a.m. Elevenses by Jeremy Edwards
Noon: Lunchtime Rendezvous by Kat Watson
1 p.m. Test Drive by Angell Brooks
2 p.m. Biker Bar by Thomas Roche
3 p.m. Closed-Door Meeting by Sasha White
4 p.m. No Show by Cora Zane
5 p.m. Somewhere by Kristina Lloyd
6 p.m. The After-Dinner Hour by Sommer Marsden
7 p.m. Kinky Craft Night by Teresa Noelle Roberts
8:00 p.m. Appointment Tee Vee by Victoria Janssen
9 p.m. Victoria Coach Station by Kate Pearce
10 p.m. Portraits by Preston Avery
11 p.m. Strip Poker by Ashley Lister
Midnight: Movie Date by N.T. Morley
1 a.m. Girls’ Night Out by Vida Bailey
2 a.m. Date Night by Sophia Valenti
3 a.m. Last Call by Alison Tyler

Sexy, sultry and seductive. Which hour is yours? 

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WooOOOH! Go you! *\o/*