Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Short, Shweet and Shexay!

It's really hot here in the city - I mean we're reaching record temperatures with the humidity, and all I want to do is lie on a couch, in a cool house, and veg out. Maybe drink something lovely and icy - margaritas anyone?

But, whilst surfing this morning, I came across a fact - today is International Short Story Day. Where - and I quote - On the shortest night of the year, June 20th 2012, writers, readers and publishers are again joining forces to celebrate the short story on International Short Story Day. (see above link for events around the world).

I noticed that some of my fellow erotica authors are putting up a selected short for FREE on Kindle. Which I would LOVE to do.

HOWEVER...since I currently have not published anything as a solo, there's nothing on Kindle to offer for free. But here, in my house, in my own playroom, I can post something that's never been posted (or read) before.

So, in celebration of I.S.S.D., I give to you, my lovely readers

Her Own Rabbit Hole

Alice was looking for excitement. She was looking for adventure.

Here, in this club, she found it.

A single glance from icy green eyes, a flash of silver as a pierced pink tongue darted out to lick the salt off the neck in front of her. Alice couldn’t keep her eyes off the vision across the bar as she bent over to take the shot glass from her companion’s ample cleavage. Her auburn hair flicked back with feline ferocity as she swallowed the golden liquid. As the two girls shared the lemon, their lips meeting ever so briefly, Alice wished she had worn panties as she felt herself get damp.

The gothic beauties were spectacular. As their eyes met again, this time joined by the other girls - a set of violet pools - Alice felt herself puff out her chest, in a silent offering. Her tits strained against her corset - bought just for her virgin voyage into the gothic underground - and her breathing became laboured as the girls linked fingers, strutting across the crowded floor.

The first, tall and lithe, had small, perky breasts and clearly wore no bra under the thin t-shirt that hung off one white shoulder. Her curvy companion smirked as they approached. Alice squirmed as those four eyes pinned her in place. When they stopped in front of her, the tall one caressed Alice’s hair, continuing down her arm with the lightest touch.

"You new here sunshine?" Her voice was soft and harsh at the same time. Alice could only nod, her breath caught in her throat as hands touched her in the most innocent of ways. "Looking for some fun?" Without waiting for her obvious reply, they each took Alice’s hands, leading her to the darkest corner of the room. Pinpricks of red LED lights were embedded in the walls, like bloody stars. But there was no other light. On unsteady legs, Alice gripped the girls hands tighter.

“Sit down.” The words were just a whisper in her ear as she collapsed against a leather sofa. The cushions on either side of her sighed. With no introductions, and no warning, Alice’s thighs were pulled apart. One set of fingers stroked the insides, moving towards her swollen lips. Another hand reached in her corset, baring her left breast. A mouth closed around her nipple, causing a gasp. Moisture pooled in her hole as the phantom fingers traced patterns over her bare skin.

"What's your name?" The disembodied words came from her right. "A-Al-Alice." She stuttered."Alice." the thin one purred. "I'm Serena. The one with the huge tits is Danielle."

Silence for a second, that felt like eternity. Then Serena whispered again. “Five minutes. That’s all you’ve got little girl. Five minutes to come. If you don’t, we leave. If you do, maybe you’ll get more.” Alice moaned as she felt a slender finger slide up inside her. A second, and a third were added. Alice’s hips thrust up as they fucked her, slowly at first. “Harder.” She whispered. The fingers pounded in harder and faster. Alice cried out, her juices flowing down the girls hand. 

Her mind raced. She was new at this - she didn't have a clue what to do! But she felt if she didn't do something, the girls would quickly lose interest. Tentatively, she reached out, finding Danielle's thigh. She ran her hand up, finding no barrier between her fingers and the girls clit. She lightly stroked the hard bud, feeling her shudder.

Her fingers slid down the girls slit, inserting themselves into her wet hole. She fucked her in rhythm with the fingers in her cunt. She felt her fingers being clamped down on, like a vice, and her muscles followed, trapping Serena's hand.

Alice's hand was being rode hard by her curvy friend. But Serena's fingers inside Alice changed rhythm, curving forward, stroking at her front wall, over a sensitive spot Alice hadn't known existed. She quickly began to shudder, losing all interest in what she was doing, instead concentrating on what was being done to her. 

The heat began building in her belly, coiling like a snake ready to strike. It moved in waves up her body, setting her nerves on fire. And when she thought she couldn't take anymore, like she would pass out from the sheer intensity of it all, Serena dropped to her knees in front of her. 

Caught up in the moment, Alice didn't notice. But when the tip of a tongue flicked out at her clit, she exploded with a scream, which was quickly swallowed by a kiss from Danielle. As she was being assaulted by tongues in both holes, Alice came over, and over. More than she had before; more than she'd thought possible.

Danielle's cunt gushed into Alice's palm, bringing her back to reality. As she continued to finger her, Danielle moaned against her mouth. "That's it bitch." Alice was shocked to hear her own voice, gutteral and violent to her own ears. "Come for me now."

A quiet beeping penetrated Alice's ears, and suddenly she was left alone. She felt around her, looking for Serena or Danielle, but her hands found empty air instead. Biting her lip to keep from crying, she struggled to her feet. Her juices ran down the insides of her thighs, her skirt wrinkled, her corset askew.

She stayed in the darkness, feeling bereft, as she straightened her clothing. Obviously she hadn't satisfied them enough. 

But she'd wanted adventure. Somewhere, she thought that might include a gentle lover - romance even. But tonight, there was no time for gentle. There was no time for romance. 

This was fast, furious, frenzied fucking - and it was hotter than anything her wild child imagination could have cooked up.

She went back to the bar, her eyes bright with unshed tears, her mouth bruised and softened by the earlier onslaught. The bartender slid a shot in front of her, along with a note. She nodded her thanks, tossing back the shot. As the golden liquid burned a path down her throat, she unfolded the paper, shocked that it was from Serena. 

"Welcome to Wonderland little Alice."

©2012 Miz Angell

Psst  - see that pretty picture? I don't own it - found it on the interwebz.

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Natasha Storm said...

Fantastic writing! I didn't know it was International Short Story Day yesterday. I feel like I missed out on something!

Miz Angell said...

Hi Natasha! Thanks for visiting! :D I didn't know there was such a thing either until yesterday. We'll know better for next year, won't we?