Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Introduction...

Of sorts anyway.

I would like to take today to welcome the newcomers to my audience. I know you're out there. And I hope that you enjoy Chicago. *wink*

I'm a busy bee today - the Queen of Procrastination as always.

Project for class - worth 30% of my grade. Due tomorrow - and yet not started. I do have to work tonight. ICK. But since I had all last week off the night job, I need the hours. Of course I could have turned down last nights show, but WHY would I want to do that?

I NEVER miss these guys when they come to town. Usually, it's at our home venue and a bunch of the staff buy lawn tickets, take the shift off and party our faces off. But since it wasn't at our home venue, and tickets were rather pricey - I decided to take the shift.

After all, there was no way I was missing this line up.

80's rock chick all the way. Talk about heaven! Seeing, for the first time, the rock goddess legend herself Lita Ford (who's drummer Scot Coogan was a HOOT -

Hey Scot! - try not to lose anything else ok?) was incredible. And as always, seeing Bret, C.C., Bobby and Rikki tear up the stage during their set was phenomenal. But no D.L. show would be complete without me practically drowning in my own - ahem - juices, when the Abs take the stage. That's right - this man here

Phil Collen. I don't need to know how much work goes into keeping those abs in that condition. I don't want to know. All I want to say is THANK YOU. 

BUT, what made my night was when C.C. walked by, and I said to him "Excellent set tonight C.C." and he replied with "Thanks angel. It's good to hear once in awhile."


By the wayyyyy, and a NOTE TO ALL CONCERT / THEATRE MERCHANDISERS: Women have big breasts. Whether through Mother Nature or by our own choice/fault - we've got 'em. Can you PLEASE make the cute t-shirts in OUR SIZES???? The XXL of the t-shirt *I* wanted to buy last night barely fit over my head. Try using REAL WOMEN as models before you churn them out. This happens at every show I go to. The cute t-shirts fit the Barbie dolls. Those of us who are a little plumper or just have a DD chest or bigger are stuck wearing the men's shirts. And while they are appealing, they are more appealing ON MEN.


Anyway, back to welcoming our new friends. If you're following from the road, I promise to try and not bore you to death. Check out the past posts - I promise they'll keep you *ahem* up at night. And keep checking back for new stories - you might see some people you know.


Rock and Roll baby - ROCK AND ROLLLLLLL!

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