Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bring on 2013!

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I'm a bit behind schedule here - but seriously, if you're a regular reader, you know that it's a rare occasion I'm on time for ANYTHING. I'll probably be late for my own funeral. Cliche I know, but hey! that's me. :D

Starting off the year with news - not sure if it's good or bad. I guess it could go either way at this point. Whenever you wish for something, be very careful what that is. Cuz when you get it, it might not be what you wanted. I'm prefacing my news this way because for those who've been following, y'all know that I'm totally miserable at my regular day job. Well, I came back to life on the 2nd of January, after a wonderful NYE with friends and loved ones, to find out that the business is closing.

Yep. Closing. The boss was calling everyone to basically tell them not to come back to work. Except me of course. I wasn't due back until the following Monday. But he wanted me to know, before hearing about it from someone else. And of course, to tell me that he still expected me to come in to assist the accountant with the closing details and what not. Which is why I'm sitting here, typing this, at work.

No phones are ringing, no one is here. I'm a basic form of front-line defense. If someone desperately needs to talk to someone, I'm here. But the long-winded opening message on our phone system informs our clients/customers/suppliers that we are closed, after over fifty years in the business. So once they hear that, no one really wants to talk. The phone hasn't rung through all day. So I'm twiddling my thumbs, and wondering what to do next.

There's talk amongst the upper management that they have plans for me. But no one's talking TO me about it. So it's all just hearsay right now. Until I do find out what they're planning for me, I have to consider all options. If I do get "let go", I can collect unemployment, for a while, and seriously apply for the internships that are flooding my in-box for my publishing program. That will get me a foot in the door in the industry I really want to work in. Granted money would be a little tight for a while, but it could work. Because I can't just quit and have no income to do an internship. That's not the responsible thing to do.

If I stay, from what I'm hearing, I can turn the job into what I want it to be. But regardless, it won't be the industry I want to be in. If I can't do publishing, everyone knows that entertainment is my other choice. Jobs are few and far between these days, even for something as mundane as working in a coffee shop. And it's not like I can expect someone to support me financially while I spend my days writing and submitting. It takes a special kind of belief in someone to do that, and frankly, it just doesn't exist in my life. But I think I've had enough of taking jobs just because it's a job.

Can a person in today's economy afford to be that choosy? My intellect says no, but my heart says yes, and to hold out for a job that will fulfill me, not make me regret my choice or drive me insane with boredom.

I've gone with my gut before, and granted, while it's gotten me in trouble from time to time, I've never regretted any of those decisions. Maybe I've regretted the fallout from them, but never the decisions themselves. Maybe that's the answer.

Of course, maybe the answer really is just

Sounds about right - doesn't it?

So last night, at minute zero, I finally finished my submission for one of Alison's latest calls. I sent it off to her, PRAYING that it's good enough. In addition to everything going on with work, I've been sick. And I spent two weeks babysitting my mom - not as much fun as it sounds let me tell you. I've barely had a minute to myself to breathe, let alone write. My mind wasn't as sharp as it could be, and as I've mentioned before, I suck at endings.

Now, it's onto another sub, for another call. My brain is foggy at the moment, but that too shall pass (at least I hope it does otherwise I'm in big trouble).

I know this is a relatively short entry, but I'm not quite ready to reveal my grand scheme for the year (aka Resolutions). I figure if I can keep 'em past the end of the month, then I can tell you all about it. At least this way, if I fail at it, no one but me will know. :P

And on that note, all my hotties and heaux - thanks for stopping in and reading my ramblings. Love you all!

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