Monday, January 21, 2013

The Long Ride Home

After reading Theresa Noelle Roberts' contribution to Alison Tyler's Big Book of Bondage, my own commute seems drab and boring to say the least. But now, on the way home from work, I'll have this little tidbit to re-read over, and over, and over.

While I don't have a piece in Alison's latest anthology, when she asked for reviewers I quickly volunteered. With the line-up of writers involved, it was hard not to. The tough part was choosing - so I asked Alison to do it for me. And I couldn't be more grateful.

In Commuter Training, Theresa takes the idea of bondage out of the bedroom and into an "average" couple's every day work life. Except there's nothing average about them.

Like every woman, Aileen loves getting text messages from her husband Daniel. Like every woman, Aileen loves seeing those three little words "I love you." But unlike every other woman, it's the words preceding those that get Aileen all hot and bothered.

Daniel sends commands through text - and he's confident enough to know that Aileen is going to obey. Like when he orders her to take her panties off, leaving them in her purse for the train conductor to see when he asks for her ticket. And then an hours ride home, sans-panties, with the knowledge that she's naked under her skirt. A naughty little secret for the two of them. 

I know that women are accused of keeping everything but the kitchen sink in our purses, and in Aileen's case, it would seem that she does. A veritable treasure trove of kinky items to fit any mood Daniel is in, she is the proverbial girl scout - always prepared.

Theresa creates an incredibly hot story between two characters who are married, proving to all that married doesn't necessarily mean dead.

Another incredibly hot book from our own Trollop with a Laptop. But would you expect anything less?

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Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

Thank you for the review, Miz Angell.

Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

Thank you for the kind words.