Monday, January 14, 2013

Test Drive THIS...

As I'm not used to being reviewed - hell, no offense to my regulars, but I'm barely used to be read - I haven't set up my google alert as of yet.

So, imagine my surprise this weekend when I take a trip over to Alison Tyler's blog and find that there's been another killer review of Morning, Noon and Night. And, yes, l'il ol' ME is mentioned.

I'd never heard of Night Owl Erotica, so Amanda Haffery is new to me. But the girl knows her stuff. This is what she had to say about the book in general...

Morning, Noon and Night is a mouthwatering collection of short erotica stories based on getting some every hour of the day that’s sure to leave readers’ breathless and begging for more. Anything that has Alison Tyler’s name associated with is sure to be a hit and I loved every story I read. There’s just something for everyone between these pages…D/s, quickies, passionate love stories, younger/older couples and even a bit of kink along the way. From amazing authors like Sasha White (I cannot get enough of this lady!!!), Kristina Lloyd, Kate Pearce, Jeremy Edwards and too many more to count, I guarantee after you read these quickies you’ll be determined to find more sizzling stories from them all!

She also highlights three specific stories, and yes, one of them is MINE! I could paste the review here, but then I would be depriving you of seeing the rest of Amanda's wonderful reviews. Her line-up consists of some incredibly hot books, some of which are in my library and some of which are now on my TBR list.

So thank you Amanda, for your wonderfully kind words, and your dedication to our craft.

I also thought I'd do something our lovely Trollop Alison does and peruse Etsy to see if I can find an image to match the title of my piece, Test Drive.

And didn't I find the cutest card, which seems appropriate.


This lovely card, and ones like it, can be found here at Linenstrike on Etsy.

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