Friday, April 12, 2013

Bad, bad kitty....

Taming His Wild Cat.

It never fails to amaze me at how truly talented writers don’t need a lot of words to get their point across. Andrea Dale is one of those. This story, in Alison Tyler’s latest anthology Sudden Sex, is approximately two hundred words.

That’s all - two hundred simple, tiny words. But put them all together, and it’s a quick, intense, erotic experience that left me diving for my laptop and my bookmarked sex shops.

And because it’s only two hundred words, there’s really no summing it up. So I’ll just leave you with four of my own: hot, kinky, wild.


Click the link to purchase your own copy of this sizzling anthology, courtesy of the one, the only, Alison Tyler.

1 horny thoughts:

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

You rock! Thank you! (I had a feelig you'd like that one. ;-) )