Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...


Ok, this time I have an excuse. I pulled double shifts this weekend at the second job. By the time my weary bones made it home, it was an effort just to crawl into bed.

But there is still time! For what? you ask.

To vote in round one of Alison Tyler's Smut-A-Thon. :D

Our first assignment seemed to be a piece of cake (double chocolate fudge if you please). What our perfect setting for an erotic story would be. No people, no action, just the setting. In two hundred little words. Simple right?

WRONG. So very, very wrong.

But what came out were fifteen very different, very special ideas.

So, on that note, voting ends at midnight tomorrow. So follow the link, vote for your favourite (no I can't tell you which one is mine but that's ok - they're all awesome!), and tune in to see who advances.

Kind of like The Voice and American Idol, except without the nasty judges or the super-fine bromance between Blake Shelton & Adam Levine. You know, these two gorgeous pieces of man-flesh.

Did I really just say that? Oh boy...

Make sure to follow the authors, even if they don't make it through every round. Because they're chosen for being talented. And awesome. And super, super sexy.

Did I mention talented? And awesome?

Ok, good.

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