Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There's No Going Back

Twenty years it's been
Since you had to let me go.
Leave me to my own devices,
to fend for myself
to prove what I know.

You imparted all your wisdom,
gave me what you could.
Put my feet on the path I needed,
but how could you know
that it forked within the wood?

And I took the path less travelled,
though it was clear that it was wrong.
I mad some very bad decisions,
that we're mine, and mine to own.

For years I've wished I'd listened,
as I walked your hallowed halls,
and embraced what I was given,
in the years you called me yours.

If I could turn back the clock,
if I could turn back time,
I'd do it all again,
by the rules of your design.

Then maybe there'd be less regret,
and a lot less pain,
if I could just go back,
and be in high school again.

© 2013 Miz Angell

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