Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Eight....

Absolutely miserable today, in case you can't tell. Here's today's NaPoWriMo ...

If wishes came true
you would wake up every morning
happy to be beside me
excited for the possibilities
the new day brings
eager to share them together.

If wishes came true
angry words would never have
been spoken or heard,
mistakes that can never be erased
would not have been,
and only mundane problems
would mar our little world.

If wishes came true
you would hold me tight as I cried
whispering soft words of comfort;
every tear would be kissed away
by lips sure and steady, and
strong hands would caress my back,
pulling me against you,
conveying all that words can't.

If wishes came true
you would fall in love with me
every sunrise and sunset
and you would know in your heart
that all is right,
that this is real,
that we are one,

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