Monday, April 11, 2011

PostSecret Prompt - Not Without Poetry - Day Eleven

I liked this one - brought to us by the lovely creator of this challenge, Shanna Germain, and the PostSecret website. Here it is.

PostSecret is a place where people create anonymous postcards of their innermost secrets. Which, to me, is kind of a poetry all its own. Today’s prompt is to visit the PostSecret website and search for a secret (or secrets) that speak to you. Now, create a narrative poem based on that secret.

Alternatively, you can write a postcard poem (with or without the artwork) in which you share a secret of your own.

I decided to find a postcard of a favourite subject of mine - butterflies. And here's the poem to go with it. And while it's not a "secret" per se, it really is.

Chasing butterflies
was a beautiful hobby when
i was a young girl
Catching them in nets
watching as they fluttered
to escape
setting them free into the sunlight.
And then start to chase
them all over again.
It's always been a catch and release
but when the butterflies finally caught me
in their net
i didn't flutter to free myself
content to be watched
to be admired
to be cherished.
But though I didn't struggle for freedom
I was released anyway.


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