Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Nine

Ok, it's early in the morning, and I haven't had my coffee yet. I can't pretend to understand the prompt without my caffeine, so I'm just going to freestyle this one.


Do you understand
the cost of what you've done?
It's expensive to mend
a broken soul.
The shopkeep clicks her tongue
holding it high,
assessing the damage.
"Well, to fix the holes
I'll have to charge you your beliefs.
And that stain right there?
It will cost you your dignity.
And I'm sorry to tell you, my dear,
see that rip right there?
That will cost you a lifetime of tears.
All in all, to mend your soul
I'm afraid will cost you your heart."
She pushes the paperwork my way.
"Will that be paid up front,
or when you pick it up?"
I scribble an address on the paper,
the tone of my voice could freeze 
the hottest cup of coffee.
"Send this guy the bill.
He should pay for damages incurred.
And when it's fixed, send it to him.
It's his fault. 
He can keep it as a souvenir.
A memory of what once was.
I'm going shopping for a new one."


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