Sunday, April 17, 2011


K - musically I love mash-ups. When using them in writing, I love them even more. Which is why for Day 17 I am using the prompt.  Here it is.

The following prompts are from Bill Alton. Use them as titles, opening lines, or combine all of them into a single poetic form.
1. My body is a speakeasy
2. Morning comes without the sun.
3. I loved him most when he asked me to leave.
4. Pain is the mind’s way of burning through fear

And awwwwwwwwayyyyy we go....

he knew it 
couldn't continue
knew a choice 
had to be made
but why must
it be made
by my hand?

morning comes without
the sun
when loss is at your 
i prefer the dark
i couldn't look
heaven in the eye
not feeling the anger
i do
not feeling the the
pain and 
earth shattering hate
that lives in my heart

i look in the window
and i loved him most
when he asked me to leave
taking the burden on his own

and i gasp as i watch 
the plug being released
and i sob as i see
his soul drifting away

i cry to the heavens
be damned forever
you can't take him
that's MY daddy


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