Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day Five....I'm still going...

OK, today I've decided to use the prompt over at Not Without Poetry supplied by the wonderful Jeremy Edwards. It's a little sad, so please forgive.


She gazes at the empty chair
across the table,
as she lifts her coffee to her
turned down mouth.
Eyes are full of tears
as she recalls
his voice as he asked how she slept.
They fall as she remembers
the motion of his hands
as he dunked his toast
into his tea.
She hears the swish of the pages
as his long fingers turn the 
newspaper to the obituaries.
She laughs bitterly
as the ghost said,
as he did every morning
"Guess today's a good day,
because my name's not in here."

She cries in pain, and anguish
as she gazes at the day's page,
and sees his name.


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