Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day Two....A letter.....

Today's prompt was: Write a poem in the form of a letter to a person you desire but have not told, telling him or her what you would like to do to them.

Well, I didn't take the prompt for what it was, but did manage to work this in...

My dearest heart:

I see you everywhere.
In the darkest of shadows,
in the brightest of light.
You are there in my most peaceful of moments,
and in the deepest depths of my despair.
You are in every loving gesture,
and every hateful word.
Your eyes are the stars in my night sky,
your smile, my world.
Your voice is my salvation,
your arms, my haven.
In my dreams you are my guardian angel;
in my reality, you're my heart's ache
and my heart's joy.
You are everything to me,
you are all I need.
You are my breath, my heart beat,
my reason.
You are all I ever knew about love,
and everything I didn't know.
You are my heart on my sleeve,
my confessions,
my sins,
my desires
and my truths.
Please be mine,
not only in dreams,
but in my realities.
Turn the cold to warmth,
the darkness to light,
the sadness to ecstasy.
For I am yours,


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