Thursday, April 14, 2011

From a Poem's POV....

Using today's prompt - sort of....

imagine that the poem you love has spent all day riding around in your pocket, being folded and unfolded, creased and straightened, shown off to people who got it and people who didn’t… Now, write your poem from the poem’s point of view. What did it see? What did it hate or love or fear? What did it feel like in your pocket, in your hands, when you accidentally dropped it on the street?

Ok honey,
If I’m not perfect
By now,
Then I’ll never be.
Besides, I think
I’m wonderful as I am.
You’ve edited me,
Rewritten me,
Scribbled me out,
And read me again.

I’ve been carried around
Since he’s been gone
He would love me
I know he would
He loved everything
You did.

He’d love my syntax,
My meter,
My rhythm,
My rhyme.

you penned me
you conceived me
Nurtured me
And kept me close.

Now it’s time
To let me go
To show me to the world
In his name
In his memory
In his honor

Dad would be proud.

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